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Our album is here!  Check it out on Amazon (CD, mp3) and iTunes.  


There’s always room for a ukelele:  Jiggy will be performing at the 2nd annual “Beatles on Ukelele” all-day live music fest in Brooklyn on Sunday, December 6, during the 3pm block.  We’ll be doing ‘Ticket To Ride’ and ‘I’ll Be Back’.

Download ‘Jiggy Unplugged’:  get free MP3s from our Cream & Sugar Cafe gig on our MUSIC page.

Read the Main Life Life profile of us, including an audio slideshow.




We sing songs about cheating hearts (“We do the hokey pokey & you turn yourself around — keep it zipped up ’til I’m out of town — and then you get around.”) MP3 “Hokey Pokey” (Edit)

We sing songs about fading youth (“Baby don’t tell me you drive that car — that’s an old man’s car.”) MP3 “Dancing On Our Grave” (Edit)

We sing songs about the yearning for lost love.   (“If you saw me now, if you touched me now, if you kissed me now, I think you’d know somehow.“) MP3 “Dreams Never Sleep” (Edit)

Did we say we sing songs about cheating hearts?  (“Leave again today, my friend, and I’ll show him what you’re missing.  We do much more than lovers do when we do much more than kissing…Two heartbeats away, he’s two heartbeats away, my heart beats away.”) MP3 “Heart Beats Away” (Edit)

Two guitars, bass, drums, keys.  Dual lead vocals —  Marie & Sis.


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